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Article Image4 Benefits to Having Remote Meetings

Old-school thinkers might have you believe meeting face-to-face is much more efficient than having remote meetings. In this article, I’ll show you why it may not be the most efficient way. I’ve used many tools to both host and join remote meetings. I’ve met with people from other c... (Read More)
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3) I really don't like that Adobe discontinued Fireworks. It was my favorite tool for creating vector Web graphics.
4) If you want to check if a program installed other free software, go to your installed programs and organize by installation date.
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Article ImageMy Explanation of Binary

For starters, in our numeric system, we have a base-10 system, meaning we can only use 10 digits to indicate a value (numbers 0-9). Any number represented after 9 uses a combination of 0-9. In binary, it's known as base-2. Only a 0 and a 1 can represent a value. We use binary in computer science bec... (Read More)
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Article ImageMy Experience with WIX - An Observation

As a professional, I have yet to hear a fellow professional recommend WIX to their clients or even use WIX to create Web sites for their clients. This article isn’t meant to serve as a review, but rather an observation based on my perspective. As WIX is designed to have a DIY (do-it-yourself)... (Read More)
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Article Image4 Reasons to Learn Technology

Reasons to learn technology may be many. I’ve narrowed them down to four. Technology continues to prove useful in my daily life, from doing my work to inputting basic data about a customer. Perhaps if I had more resources, I could hire other people to input data, but I don’t have that op... (Read More)
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Article ImageTop 10 Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows 10

Just hitting the Windows key by itself will open the start menu. But did you know you can combine it with other keys for more functionality? Let’s have a look. I’ve compiled a list of the top 10 Windows 10 keyboard shortcuts. Many shortcuts are not new in Windows 10 but prove to be very ... (Read More)
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Article Image5 Tips to Cope with Windows 10

Nowadays, you either love or hate Windows 10. Mostly I hear about how people don't like it. What can you do? Switch to a Mac or Chrome OS? One day Windows 7 will be phased out, only to make Windows 10 the standard for Windows-based computers. I’ve written five tips to help you cope with Window... (Read More)
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Article ImageLet's Look at a Device that Allows You to Text Friends Without Wi-Fi or Cell Service

Use your smartphone even when service is unavailable. That is the tagline of a new technology named goTenna. Whether you’re off-grid or simply need to communicate with your group when service is unavailable, goTenna might actually be a solution for you. Forget about Walkie Talkies. Just use y... (Read More)
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Article ImageWould You Like a Smart Collar for Your Pet?

Most people have heard of smart cars and smart phones, but have you ever heard of a smart collar for a dog? These collars have many nice features: controlling barks, invisible leashes, health monitoring and more. They come with a cell phone app to manage the collar. The apps often come with tools to... (Read More)
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Article ImageHow Your Data Can Travel Through Light

Professor Harald Haas coined the term Li-Fi (meaning Light Fidelity) which is basically the process of transferring data via light waves. The transfer speed is outstandingly fast at rates of around 225 gigabits per second! Now that’s fast. To put it into perspective, most homes can only go up ... (Read More)
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Article ImageWhat is an Organic LED, and Where are They Used?

According to, an Organic LED (OLED) is an “organic light-emitting diode: a light-emitting diode (LED) composed of one or more layers of organic material between two electrodes.”   Because OLEDs work without a backlight, they can display deep black level... (Read More)
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Article ImageHow to Add Files to Your Facebook Group

You have two options for adding files to your group. The first option is to add your file within the group’s file manager. The second option is to add your file directly in a status update. In the group you are an admin of, located the Files link below the cover photo. Click it.   You hav... (Read More)
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Article ImageHacker Group Anonymous Targets Donald Trump

The hacker group, known as Anonymous, is apparently attacking Donald Trump because he wants to ban all Muslims from entering the United States of America. Donald Trump's Web site ( was reportedly taken down by Anonymous for a short while. Apparently Anonymous has declare... (Read More)
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Article ImageCan Windows 10 be Free Forever?

Since the official release of Windows 10 on July 29 this year, millions of devices have upgraded to Windows 10. It is free for a year, but what happens to the free upgrade when July 29, 2016 (estimated) rolls around? Let’s have a look.   In a post on the Australian Partner Network, Micros... (Read More)
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Article ImageThe Apple Watch is Beginning to Turn into a Powerful Computer

I mean powerful for its size. Apple will soon be introducing new features to their WatchOS. Developer tools will allow native apps to run on the watch itself. The watch will have new Watch faces, a new Nightstand mode and a direct Wi-Fi connection to trusted networks. The new WatchOS will provide en... (Read More)
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Article ImageAudi on Autopilot - A Self-driving Car

Tesla isn't the only company working hard to develop a self-driving car. Audi has successfully tested their autopilot car. Watch these videos about the Audi self-driving car. Related articles in TechnologyWhat is an Organic…How Your Data Can…Would You Like a Smart…Let's Look at a ... (Read More)
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Article ImageSecurity Concerns Might Hinder the Growth of Cloud Computing

Since cloud computing has become more and more popular over the years, the security of having our data in the cloud has been on everybody’s minds. One popular cloud platform is Dropbox.Nowadays you can have your own personal cloud right at home or your office. Just for a few hundred dollars, y... (Read More)
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Article ImageTesla Home Batteries -- The Powerwall

Tesla Powerwall, the next generation in home batteries, maximizes the usefulness of your solar panels. Elon Musk is the product architect of Tesla Motors and has unveiled the release of the Powerwall system earlier this year. Imagine a world where homes and businesses powered by solar panels could ... (Read More)
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Article ImageGoogle is Developing a Drone to Deliver Packages to Customers

You may have heard of the Amazon Prime Air, a drone that can deliver packages to customers’ door steps. But you might not have heard about Google’s project named Project Wing. Yes, that’s right. Google is entering into the drone business.   Google said it had been exploring au... (Read More)
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Article ImageWhat is Your Privacy Worth on Facebook?

In today’s technical world, it’s easy for anyone to gather information about you. The more you use technology, the higher change your information is being gathered. What you do or say at your laptop, desktop or other devices can readily and easily often be seen publicly by others, especi... (Read More)
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Article ImageThe Amazon Prime Air Drone Could Deliver Your Package Same Day!

Amazon has been working on a drone that could one day deliver packages to the doorsteps of online shoppers! Amazon announced a same-day delivery service, originally created for Prime Air, delivered by drones. Amazon announced this service in 2013. They say the small drones, at 55 pounds, could deliv... (Read More)
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Article ImageProtect Yourself from Malware & Viruses

Protecting your computer and other devices from malware, spyware and viruses is essential in today’s e-world. Doing so often requires vigilance, depending on your connection needs. Malware can also infect your handheld devices, such as phone or tablet. People are becoming better aware of the a... (Read More)
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Article ImageShould I Go With a Free or Paid Antivirus?

Many people will say paying for antivirus software is a total rip-off, but I disagree at some level. It wasn’t until the past few years free antivirus software even existed to the wide market. Both sides have valid points. If you like some people, a free antivirus is all you need. On the other... (Read More)
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