The Amazon Prime Air Drone Could Deliver Your Package Same Day!

Posted 2 years ago

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Amazon has been working on a drone that could one day deliver packages to the doorsteps of online shoppers! Amazon announced a same-day delivery service, originally created for Prime Air, delivered by drones. Amazon announced this service in 2013. They say the small drones, at 55 pounds, could deliver customers’ packages in 30 minutes or less. But it won’t be able to deliver set of golf clubs to you because the drones can only deliver packages weighing 5 pounds or less.

Sense and avoid technology allows for drones to safely… well… sense and avoid other objects. With this technology, Prime Air drones will be able to fly beyond the operator’s line of sight. Amazon states Prime Air drones can autonomously deliver packages to customers’ homes within a 10-mile radius of an Amazon warehouse.

Currently the Prime Air drones are being tested in the United States, United Kingdom and Israel. Amazon won approval to test its drones in the United States in April 2015, but Amazon must test its drones under at altitudes of 400 feet. The drones must also not exceed speeds of 100mph. According to the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration)’s decision, the Prime Air drones must remain within the operator’s line of sight.

Drones used for commercial purposes should not weigh more than 25 lbs and not be flown higher than 500 feet. In February, FAA established this rule. The FAA has many regulations regarding commercial drones. Furthermore, the FAA states that commercial drones should fly where operators can see them. People who fly drones for other purposes, such as taking photos, must follow similar rules in the United States. Lookup laws in your area before you decide to take flight.

As you might see, in order for Amazon’s Prime Air project to become real, FAA should remove their “line-of-sight” requirement.

You might be surprised to learn that Google is working on its own UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) project named Project Wing Drone. This project could also be hampered by government regulations. Dave Vos, the project leader behind that project, said that these Google drones could be delivering packages to customer’s doorsteps within a decade.
Of course with laws and regulations, research and development, it’s hard to say when Amazon (or Google) will be releasing their drones for delivery, but we should expect them in the future.

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