Let's Look at a Device that Allows You to Text Friends Without Wi-Fi or Cell Service

Posted 2 years ago

Self PortraitCody Helscel
Blog writer & Web developer

Use your smartphone even when service is unavailable. That is the tagline of a new technology named goTenna. Whether you’re off-grid or simply need to communicate with your group when service is unavailable, goTenna might actually be a solution for you.

Forget about Walkie Talkies. Just use your phone. Make sure you have a backup of your data in case your phone falls into the river or otherwise gets ruined. Otherwise, your phone can replace a Walkie Talky with the help of the goTenna.

Your phone communicates with the goTenna device via Bluetooth. Then, that communication disperses throughout the network you had setup. You can choose how small or big your network is. For example, you have five other people hiking in the mountains with you. You can communicate with all five or just three.

For people living off the grid, this concept might sound appealing, but each goTenna costs around $100 and must be ordered in pairs. Nonetheless, the inventors are considering offering goTennas to people in disastrous situations, people who are experiencing hurricanes, for example.

So far we don’t know if this technology is truly viable or will last throughout the years. It’s a new technology after all. But I see a small niche for it to work. If not the niche, then it needs a new strategy. What do you think? Leave your comments!

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