My Experience with WIX - An Observation

Posted 1 year ago

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As a professional, I have yet to hear a fellow professional recommend WIX to their clients or even use WIX to create Web sites for their clients. This article isn’t meant to serve as a review, but rather an observation based on my perspective.

As WIX is designed to have a DIY (do-it-yourself) Web site creator & editor, the created Web sites don’t turn out well from what I’ve seen. One might argue those people don’t need fancy or professional Web sites.

Specifically, one man asked me to review His Web site and make it appear professional. What happened was he hired his assistant to create a Web site for his company. After a bit of searching online, his assistant came across WIX and decided to use it. This story isn’t unique to one individual. Many amateurs attempt to create Web sites using WIX.

I told the man I don’t know any professional Web site that was created using WIX. He referred me to an individual’s Web site. This individual owns a small business. To my surprise, that man created a very nice, professional Web site using WIX’s editor. Then, I started looking at source code (the HTML that made up the final page’s output).

After noticing the HTML was simply an output of JavaScript, I began searching for other WIX-created Web sites. After further research, I realized WIX’s standard editor doesn’t support SEO (search engine optimization). It makes sense considering how WIX’s editor works. However, I saw WIX has an SEO plugin people can pay for. How good is it? What does it do? I don’t know.

Let me know more about WIX and what it has done for you or tell me about great Web sites that were created using WIX. Leave a comment after this article. Or go to my Facebook page at My Facebook Page - Tech Distress

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