The Apple Watch is Beginning to Turn into a Powerful Computer

Posted 2 years ago

Self PortraitCody Helscel
Blog writer & Web developer

I mean powerful for its size. Apple will soon be introducing new features to their WatchOS. Developer tools will allow native apps to run on the watch itself. The watch will have new Watch faces, a new Nightstand mode and a direct Wi-Fi connection to trusted networks.

The new WatchOS will provide enhanced tools for developers letting developers take more control of certain watch features. By allowing developers to create apps that run natively on the WatchOS, load times for certain items will load much quicker. Allowing developers better control will allow even better apps to be developed for the WatchOS.

Furthermore, watch users will surely appreciate the following new watch faces: a photo album watch face, a photo watch face and a set of time lapse photos Apple took in major cities around the world. The album Watch face will cycle through a selected album of photos each time the watch screen is activated, while the photo watch face will let users display a single photo. The new time lapse watch face will show a short, pre-photographed loop from a time lapse of a major city of your choosing, loosely based on the current time. Developers will also be able to create their own small widgets displayed on watch faces.

“This is how we felt when we launched the app store,” Apple CEO Tim Cook said, referring to the updates for WatchOS.

Apple is adding Nightstand mode to its watches. When you turn on Nightstand mode, your Apple Watch displays the date and time, along with the remaining charge. This feature helps to prolong battery life.

Additionally, Apple will upgrade turn-by-turn directions and public transportation information in Apple Maps. And users will be able to add different set of Friends wheel. That’s the shortcut for selecting contacts.

Until the upgrades Apple plans on making, the watch had to connect directly to the iPhone to use its data. Now Apple will allow the watch to connect directly to Wi-Fi networks. Just think of the possibilities!

Obviously the WatchOS 2 is already here. Just how far of a computer will it go?

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