Would You Like a Smart Collar for Your Pet?

Posted 2 years ago

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Most people have heard of smart cars and smart phones, but have you ever heard of a smart collar for a dog? These collars have many nice features: controlling barks, invisible leashes, health monitoring and more. They come with a cell phone app to manage the collar. The apps often come with tools to help you train your dog.

Watch this short video of a cute dog; the video is has a simple explanation of a smart collar: 

Not all smart collars are created equally. Before you purchase a collar, read reviews about the collar you’re interested in. Additionally, some collars will work for cats.

The technology used in the collars are typically Bluetooth, so that you may pair your Bluetooth-enabled device with the collar. Bluetooth has a different way of operating than Wi-Fi. Bluetooth typically has short range, especially on low-powered devices such as a cell phone. Be cautious of long-distance promises. Cell phones have around a 30 ft. range (maximum) for Bluetooth.

Smart collars come in different styles, depending on which company made them. You’ll find some collars with LED lighting. Many collars are stylish, whereas others just plain.

Would you like a smart collar for your pet? What are your thoughts? Leave your comments below.

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