Top 10 Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows 10

Posted 2 years ago

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Just hitting the Windows key by itself will open the start menu. But did you know you can combine it with other keys for more functionality? Let’s have a look. I’ve compiled a list of the top 10 Windows 10 keyboard shortcuts. Many shortcuts are not new in Windows 10 but prove to be very useful.


= Windows key


Open start menu

2. + L

Locks your screen

This command is especially useful before you walk away from your desk at work. It will prevent people from walking by and snooping on your computer.

3. + Tab

Open task view

Task view is similar to Alt + Tab, to move between open applications, except task view will stay open and let you choose which open application to bring into view.

4. + D

Show desktop

This command simply minimizes all other applications to bring your desktop into view. This command is useful if you have many applications open and will need to click minimize several times to get to your desktop.

5. + I

Open Windows 10 settings

This command is and i an and not an L.

6. ALT + Tab

Move between open applications

For this command to work, you must continue holding Alt while pressing Tab to navigate between applications.

7. CTRL + C


Classic command to allow you to copy selected text, image, files, whatever.

8. CTRL + V


Another classic command to allow you to paste what you’ve copied.

9. CTRL + X


Similar to copy, except to Cut, the selected item disappears so that you can paste it elsewhere.

10. CTRL + P


Opens the print dialogue in whatever application you’re in. Not all applications perhaps support printing, but most will.

For a more complete list, visit this Web site: Keyboard shortcuts in Windows

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